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My mission is to help you increase both sales and brand recognition with targeted marketing that reflects your company’s core values.

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American Writers and Artist, Inc.

E. Gluck Corp.

Girl Scouts of Greater NY

J. Gerber & Co Inc.

St. Luke A.M.E. Church

Professional Writer’s Alliance

Hello and thanks for your interest!

Do you need a creative copywriter with cross-genre skills? Someone knowledgeable in the Alternative Health market? Who will use multiple formats to support your brand?

Whatever your copy needs, my writing skills are up to the task.

About Me

Boasting an immigrant population from around the world, the Village of Harlem, New York City, has a storied background. Life in Harlem was the very definition of a melting pot. This was the setting I was born, raised, and still reside in.

Arising from my great love of reading, writing was the natural progression. As a storyteller, I use persuasive copywriting to showcase my client’s brand and increase conversion.

This background allows me to effectively introduce and grow your brand. Whether your project needs ads, emails, website content or articles, my writing skills are up to the task.


What Others are Saying

“Detailed oriented and analytical…”

Professionally, I have found Diane to be detail oriented and analytical. I could always rely on her to read, develop, and follow through.

Renee Prager, Controller (retired), E. Gluck Corporation

“Finds a resolution…”

“Diane has the unique strength of being able to recognize a problem and find a resolution or at least a compromise to keep things moving forward. She also has the ability to deal with difficult personalities in a calm way”

Robert Robertaccio, VP of Global Sales, E. Gluck Corporation

“Super focused and organized…”

“Diane is super focused and organized! She can juggle several projects at a time; I consider her to be the Queen of multi-tasking. She also remembers a person’s name, regardless of unique pronunciations or spellings, which is so important in face-to-face interactions.”

Tracey Washington Bagley, Senior Producer, ABC

“Punctual in the delivery of projects…”

“Diane is punctual in the delivery of projects at hand, efficient and tremendously organized. I have also found over the years that her follow up was stellar and she didn’t let things fall
through the cracks”,

Barbara Weichselbaum, EVP, E. Gluck Corporation

“Willing to go the extra mile…”

“Diane has many strengths. The one that stands out to me is her ability to take a bad situation and figure out the best way to handle it. She always looks for the best solution and resolves the situation in a professional manner. Diane is always willing to go the extra mile to get the results needed where most people would simply give up”,

Phyllis Breen, Director of Merchandising, E. Gluck Corporation

“Can work with the most difficult of personalities…”

“Diane has a knack for organization, is a whiz with numbers and can work with the most difficult of personalities”,

Sybil Summers-Hope,Import/Traffic Manager, Himatsingka America

“Not afraid to lead…”

“Diane’s strength is organization and ordering things so chaos does not exist. She is not afraid to lead in the process.”

Diane McKoy, Dean of Admissions, Columbia University

“Precise and committed…”

“Diane is precise, committed, grounded, determined, has a warm and giving persona, strong follow through and provides guided but balanced leadership. She is a great person to know.”

Francina Wearing, Senior Coordinator, Girl Scouts

Clients and Experience

American Writers and Artist, Inc.

E. Gluck Corp.

Girl Scouts of Greater NY

J. Gerber & Co Inc.

St. Luke A.M.E. Church

Towers Dormitory

Winston Staffing

Port Distributing Corporation, Beer Distributor

Professional Writer’s Alliance

HIS Sportswear, Fashion Clothing

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